LA Pop Art made its way into the Maxim Magazine list of 100 ways to Rock the Holidays

LA Pop Art, where the original posters mix the visual images of popular icons with the language that made their reputation by creating unique works of art, made the pages of Maxim Magazine list of 100 ways to Rock The Holidays for 2006.
The December issue, which lists only four online retail stores where readers should “ditch the bricks – everything is cool online,” includes LA Pop Art as the place that “student poster micrograph of the film with – a fancy way of saying that they use words to make an image, as this poster featuring Scarface entire script of the film. It's gangster. ”
“I want to thank Maxim for the honor of being included in their number of holidays. The response was incredible,” said Joseph Leibovici, founder of Pop Art.
Los Angeles Pop Art introduced one of the best pieces of Scarface merchandise to hit the market this holiday season. The poster collection are images of classic character Scarface Al Pacino Tony Montana created using all the words of the film. The words themselves are bent and construed to make up this masterpiece. This work is truly interactive as every time you look, you will surly find a great new line of dialogue. A poster of Scarface was presented with additional Scarface: The World is game to you, which was released in October to record sales. “LA Pop Art was contacted by Vivendi to create original works of art as a gift for the true diehard fans, we jumped at the chance.” Fans who pre-ordered the game at participating retailers received a 24 “x 30″ Scarface print created by LA Pop Art, depicting an iconic film scene created from the text of the original movie script. The poster is not currently available, and was made available only through the promotion of pre-order.
Just in time for one of the biggest releases of theatrical films of the year, the Pop Art is honored to work with Sylvester Stallone and MGM studios in celebrating the 30th anniversary of one of greatest films and franchises in the history of film making – Rocky. Amazing tribute to Rocky was created by taking the script of the Oscar-winning Best and recreate “the” inspired climax of the film.
Other licenses include Los Angeles Pop Art Bob Marley, Reservoir Dogs, Che Guevara, as well as some classic Americana icons like Ronald Reagan(now part of the official collection of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library), the American flag, and a very special tribute to the loved ones we lost in the World Trade Center.
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Los Angeles Pop Art uses a technique of art known as micrography to create his images. As unique as the work itself – is the incredible story of where it comes from and how it was used over the years. Los Angeles Pop Art is proud to be the first company and creating and adapting this style of art to the Pop Art environment. Micrograph, the practice of using a tiny script scribes to create abstract shapes or figurative designs, is an art form that was used by Jews for over a millennium. This complex decorative technique was first practiced in Egypt and the Land of Israel in the tenth century. Micrograph developed in the Islamic cultural milieu in which the written word was frequently transformed into elaborate decorative motifs. This abstract ornamentation, emphasized in Islamic art, greatly influenced the artistic creations of the Jews living in many countries of the Middle East.
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